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Laza! – Red & White | Festive

There are very few songs I get to review that have a festive, kind of celebratory mood right from the word “go”. With where I am erupting in festivities as of right now, it only seems wildly appropriate for my ears to be blessed with such a number, and for me to then write my thoughts about it. “Red & White” by Laza! is one such song. Keep reading to get the full story.

A melody, cheery sounding– with great harmonies and backing vocals is how this song makes its mark. There is a sense of warmth and joy that permeates the whole song, enveloping you in a gentle cusp; while the complex elements of the song’s composition layer themselves around you in a bit of a cocoon, really. There are a lot of things going on in the composition and production here that, yet, are presented delectably; and that, I think, makes for an amazing listen that is sure to get your spirits up, awaiting the next time you get to feel that way.

There are lyrics that span all the way from the hills in the north, to the sands in the south; with a wicked switch up in the chorus come the second; and that was an excellent surprise for my ears to hear. I smiled visibly from ear to ear when I listened to this switchup– and for good reason, let me assure you. It is excellently done.

The percussion used here deserves a special shout too. It is so distinctive that I find myself drumming the patterns out on tempo long after the elements have ended– almost as if to experiment and see how a section would sound had it the percussion around the choruses.

All in all, “Red & White” by Laza! makes for an excellent listen that is sure to get your spirits up his festive season. Be sure to listen to it here!

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