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Christine Greyson - Spider
Christine Greyson - Spider

Christine Greyson – Spider

Do you want to see the underside of fairy tales and happy endings? You’re in luck! Appalachian artist and singer-songwriter Christine Greyson has just released Spider. Deliciously dark and haunted by old ghosts with deep tragedies, the track is a darkwave electronica that you cannot get enough of.

Eerie basslines heave into the canvass, picking up haunting melodies along the way. Its impressive to see how the artist reconciles electronica and rock textures to create an soundscape that impactfully conveys the vibe of the song. A basic beat structure crawls over the basslines and defines their rhythm.

With this serving as the backdrop, angelic streams of vocal harmonies flows across an ethereal synth soundscape. Its softness and tenderness starkly contrasts the sinister basslines that open the song. A deeply repressed tragedy, lines the smooth melancholy of the synths that flares its head again in the second installment of electronica.

There’s a quaint quality living in the pockets of melodies that send chills down the spine. The dark folk lines and belligerent electronica makes us feel as though we’re in a cursed mansion or a burial ground. It spins creeping webs that ensnare and trap with malice and hostility. Creating vivid visuals, the artist skillfully manifests her demons in us.

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