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Boys Don’t Cry – Saint Barae | Indie Cult

As somebody that thoroughly enjoys music– enough to want to write about it, it fills me with joy when I come across artists like Saint Barae, with the kind of music they make; and this song I’ll be talking about, “Boys Don’t Cry” just further accentuates why I like doing what I do.

This whole song has the flavor of the Gold Coast– with a smooth, comforting sound that makes this song a very easy listen. The first time I checked this song out to write about it, the first thing that came to mind is how smooth and professionally made the backing track sound. That remains true now, as I write this piece. There is excellent energy that permeates the whole song– with peaks and valleys in energy being every bit as organic and beautiful as I, a musical purist in the truest sense, would really, really appreciate.

Interestingly enough, there is this element of 90s-00s pop-punk I keep hearing throughout the song– with the kind of deliberate, artistic unruliness; anarchy to the ‘rules’ of conventional music and traditional songwriting. How Saint Barae manages to blend this into the indie pop music style so prevalent today is impressive. The blend makes for a tasteful listen that definitely aged like fine wine in my ears– ever so nostalgically, even, I’ll say.

Technical aspects, check. The mix is tight, there are enough varied elements in the whole stage to present something new to your ears to munch on for every second of the (I wish this song went on for longer) 138 that make up this song. The instrumentation is tasteful, with the creative mixing techniques– from the slight saturation in the opening guitar riff to the subtle phasing and the filter trickery going on in the vocals, and it overall makes for a very, very interesting listen. I loved reviewing this piece just as much as I loved it when I listened to it for the first time.

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