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flakebelly - Behaviours
flakebelly - Behaviours

flakebelly – Behaviours | Coming Alive

flakebelly has released his new album, Behaviours that is full of soul munchies that remind us of the important things and values that sustain and keep us. Hailing from Orkney Islands, the songsmith populates his sound with a small town charm that allures us with its simplicity and minimalism. The multi-instrumentalist, folk singer-songwriter has an unlimited supply of nostalgia that he generously shares with us.

The title track opens the album on a folk note. With acoustics strings that flourish against the floors of molten cello basslines, the track twinkles with sweet bliss and soothing tenderness. The baritone vocals carry the quaint nostalgia of folk tale lullabies that softens the world around us.

We are exposed to musical slides of matchless beauty as the artist brings the instruments to life. He gives them an orchestra of personalities and emotions. Mourning cello basslines spread across the soundscape as melodramatic jazz keys cry a river. The trumpets grunt derisively as the piano melodies heave joyously.

Life is Such a Beautiful Thing narrates a poetry about the art of living. Sweeping keys breeze through the song as acoustic strings cast a blue awning of nostalgia. It will always be the same things that your mind tries to keep you on the downside of everything. But we can be beautiful and happy, by being kind, by making an effort to be glad and grateful everyday.

The third track, Interlude, is an instrumental of resounding depths. The artist employs a heavy bass that expands and grows; acquiring wisdom and grace. Its mystical and all-knowing. It has an angelic quality to it; a heavenly orchestra muffled by the sky. Acoustic guitar melodies texturize and dimensionalize the soundscape as it explores the void, one string at a time.

foreverbones is yet another quaint track that mesmerizes us with the romance of times gone by. For a track about getting on and moving along, it drips with a strong nostalgia. Acoustic strings opens the track and gives way to the prancing melodies of jazz keys. A pregnant bass persist throughout the track. The artist employs the sound of clock-bells tolling to realize the theme of the song.

Ordinary Treasure Chests (Remix) concludes the album with an inescapable melancholy. Beautifully written and composed, the track seeks out an evergreen love that vanquishes the vulnerabilities and boredom of old age. The poetic lyrics are full of imagery and sweet memories that melt our hearts.

Reminiscent of artists like Sufjan Stevens, Nick Drake, and Joni Mitchell, the artist’s style and compositions transcend the fabric of space and time. He delves into the canvas of humanity and emerges with gleaming treasures, glinting in the sunlight. The album revives us with simple things, small moments, and infinite grace.

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