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Smoke Spider – Nervous | Aggression

Gothernburg, Sweden-based rock group Smoke Spider recently came out with their seventh single titled – “Nervous”, a hardcore guitar-driven track that showcases their powerful sonic sound. Started by Göran Florström & Johan Granat, Smoke Spider are known for their aggressive in-your-face sound that captures and conveys strong emotions. On their latest release, they keep the sound of their previous tracks alive, along with some tasty guitar riffs and all-out choruses!

The track begins with heavy distorted guitars and drums that establish the beat of “Nervous”. A consistent shaker rhythm plays along the dark melodies, and adds more energy to the percussive elements. Lead vocalist Göran Florström’s performance here is tight and the aggression in his voice really ties up all the elements together; Smoke Spider sure know how to make their compositions hardcore! The guitars throughout the track are highly-professional and the way they shine through in the pre-chorus and in the lead section of the track is commendable.

“Nervous” becomes more and more of a headbanger as you continue listening to it, getting louder with each blown-out chorus. It sounds like a live performance recording that’s really tight and you can hear the cohesive-ness of the band too here; Smoke Spider has a sound you can’t forget!

The group has been consistently releasing music since 2021 under this moniker and their most famous tracks include “Linger in My Memory” and “Desolation”. I think it’s only a matter of time before the band starts headlining major rock events. Their cult following and energetic music will take them a long way!

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