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S J Denney – I Don’t Know If This Changes Things?
S J Denney – I Don’t Know If This Changes Things?

S J Denney – I Don’t Know If This Changes Things? | Radiant Ballad

Essex, UK based singer-songwriter S J Denney has come up with a sunshine-filled new single titled I Don’t Know If This Changes Things? S J Denney manages to make genuinely emotional music blending folk and indie alternative music together. Denney has among his influences The Beatles, Neil Young, Robert Plant, and Jeff Buckley.

The song begins with a brushed snare drum beat and some high piano note licks. Twangy guitar leads adorn the verses as the bright vocals by S J Denney seep in. The vocal harmonies by Roisin O’Hagan on the chorus and the primary melodies give the song a great joyous vibe. We also get to hear a sweet muted trumpet solo by Gergo Bille with some stunning phrasing. The song features a sonically rich arrangement with a baritone electric guitar by Denney and a flugelhorn played by Bille. We also get to hear a tack piano and a Japanese string instrument the koto.

With a somber undertone about the character of human bonds, we get a shining song with an organic arrangement. One cannot help but be driven by the emotional lyricism of S J Denney. Human connections are subject to the eternal law of change many times in abrupt and unpredictable directions. However, much like the rhythm of the song, change must be dealt with in the spirit of life which is full of energy.

Connections, emotional well-being, identity, and adventure are central to his musical themes. Music that delights the listener and truly whips up an alternative aural world in the mind. The sense of somber finality meets sweet acceptance in I Don’t Know If This Changes Things? by S J Denney.

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