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Trevor Phelps- Slow Down | Pure

If you’re a fan of pop music, then you’ll definitely want to check out Trevor Phelps. This American musician, songwriter, and producer resides in Van Buren and is skilled in the creation of catchy, upbeat tunes. Although there isn’t much information about Trevor Phelps online, his music speaks for itself. Just take a look at his catalog, and you’ll see that he’s a talented artist with plenty of passion and enthusiasm. If you’re looking for some feel-good music to brighten up your day, then Trevor Phelps is worth checking out.

His song “Slow Down” from his latest album “Youth” is aesthetic, to say the least. Trevor’s voice is young, just perfect for the song. We all live life in the fast lane. Constantly running to meet deadlines, achieve goals and reach our full potential. But in this process, we often forget to slow down and enjoy the moment. Trevor’s “Slow Down” is the perfect reminder to do just that.  The song is beautifully crafted, with Trevor’s soothing and passionate voice adding quality to the lyrics. The lines “It’ll pass / You need to slow down / Need to slow down” offer a reassurance that everything will be okay if we just take a step back and breathe. The production is equally as uplifting, with mellow synths and peppy drum beats creating a unique and catchy soundscape. Even the video is amazingly made, going perfectly with the concept of the song. It’s all so perfect. There’s something about “Slow Down” that just resonates with everyone. Maybe it’s the relatability of the lyrics, how the song perfectly captures the feeling of being overwhelmed, or just how fresh the music is. Whatever the reason, “Slow Down” is a song everyone can enjoy.

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