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Blue Work – The End Of The Ride
Blue Work – The End Of The Ride

Blue Work – The End Of The Ride | Serene Cloudburst

The End Of The Ride is the latest single release by Paris/London retro new wave act Blue Work. They blend genres like retro, new wave, alternative pop, and trip-hop. With their roots in visual art, they bring their artistic background to paint aural paintings on personal struggle and growth. Formed in London in 2018, Blue Work is a duo formed by musicians Hortensia and Vee, crafting their unique brand of modern synth pop.

The song in under three minutes manages to captivate the listener and flash a musical beam into the mind.

The song begins with a serene and calm synth aural backdrop that fades and resurfaces. With ethereal beats and some stunning production coupled with heavenly vocals by Hortensia. We get an atmospheric sound which gives a mind altering vibe to revel on. Electronic production with eclectic synths sounds ephemeral. This is a sensory experience by Blue Work that would bring serenity to the mind of the listener.

The sound is intoxicating in its harmonic tones and percussion which elevate the core components of the composition. The vocals are the kernel of the sound sounding like fresh cream in a well baked bakery item. With inventive layering and phenomenal electronic production, they manage to craft a bold and fresh sound. This emotional and relaxing is at the same time cathartic in its musical and lyrical expression.

A sound that makes use of strong contrasts between light and dark aural palettes, with bold contrasts paints a holistic and wholesome composition. With The End Of The Ride, Blue Work has sculpted a musical work of artistic beauty.

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