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Air-ik - Call Me
Air-ik - Call Me

Air-ik – Call Me | Vulnerably Gothic

Air-ik (known as Erik Dee Fullmer) has created a new image for himself since battling his demons. His music is gothic, dark and extremely vulnerable. He shares a large part of his life and lived experiences through his music. Having dealt with some pretty serious addictions in the past, Air-ik has since refocused his life towards his music. He released music that while reminiscent of his older stuff with Willow Wisp, has a more authentic and genuine touch that gives us a glimpse into his own mind.

Call Me is no stranger to Air-ik and his mind. The track features deep, heavy and crunchy elements that feel very much like an Ozzy Osbourne track. The gothic elements keep the song dark and mysterious. However, the more you listen to the song, the more you realise that it’s an expression of internal struggle. Air-ik pours himself into his music creating dark and heavy instrumentation while his vocals contrast it vastly. The atmosphere feels heavy as the song stews in the darkness leaving the listener a little disturbed. However, that’s the point of art to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.

Erik Fullmer really understands himself and it shows through the music he releases. Call Me is a testament to how one can turn their life around and create music just as inspiring. Air-ik has more tracks similar to this on his Spotify that you can stream right now.

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