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Erik Evy – Matinee

Erik Evy is a hip-hop artist based in Chicago who is known for his magical vocals that seep into the listener’s head and stay there. He made his debut with ‘Periscopes’ which released on March 17th, 2021. He is known for the way he blends in deep emotions into his tracks which are a perfect example of elite lyricism. This is one of those artists who will never disappoint you. He knows his way around his beats becoming one body with the music that is so heart-felt that it will melt your heart.

‘Erik Evy is not an artist, he is an emotion’

I recently came across this artist through his latest release which is an EP. The EP is called ‘Matinee’ and is one of the best works of art I have witnessed in a while. The EP is like a shot of emotions that will get you hooked on this artist. His smooth narration is what separates him from the crowd making him one of the most potential chart-buster of the decade.

The EP starts off with a storytelling rap that will have you excited throughout the track. The first track is named ‘Sunday Morning’ and is the little journey of the artist in an unknown town. This track will have you swaying while you listen closely to the perfectly structured lyrics. This track is a perfect track to make you think deeply about how our mind works. This track was so relatable that it is now on the first position of my personal playlist.

The next track on the EP is named ‘Intrinsic’ and a must listen for everyone out there. The way this track is carried by his smooth lyrics and heart-melting flows. The track has a lot of deep messages that will make you loose your mind. This is the kind of rap that can change the world.

The third track of the EP is named ‘Bridges’ and like the name suggests is a perfect bridge to the outro of the EP. this is surely a track that will get stuck to your head for days. The way this artist says things out loud which most of the people are afraid to even admit to themselves is amazing. The flows are fresh and will surely capture your attention even if it’s played from a mile away.

The last track of the EP is named ‘Promises’ and the best possible way to end this masterpiece. I really love how the artist has used such profound musical elements to make this track an experience of a lifetime.

This EP is surely something that is way too under-rated. Do give this track a listen if you like deep music that is woven into a perfect mesh with exquisite lyricism. Trust me, you won’t regret giving this amazing artist a go. Get a little glimpse of his EP, ‘Matinee’ here-

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