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Daverage J. Normal- Ze-Orb | Mind-Bending

DJN, or Daverage J. Normal, is a bassist and producer of space-driven synthwave music based in London, England. His music is a brilliant mix of retro-futuristic sounds that will transport you to another world. DJN’s music is the perfect soundtrack for your next adventure, whether it’s exploring the universe or just your backyard. So put on your headphones, turn up the volume, and get ready to blast off into the stratosphere with DJN.

Daverage J. Normal’s “Ze-Orb” is one of the trippy, captivating songs I’ve ever heard. The music has a beautiful, otherworldly atmosphere that’s perfect for listening at night. As the song progresses, you can’t help but be drawn in by the hypnotic beats and ethereal soundscapes. The thumping bassline and exotic synths will transport you to an ecstatic universe you never knew existed. This classic track has a timeless quality. It’s the kind of song that makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud, and it’s perfect for dancing, letting go, and just losing yourself in the moment. If you’re looking for a song to help you escape reality and enter a world of pure bliss, then “Ze-Orb” is an ideal choice. It’s an electronic instrumental journey that will take you on a ride you’ll never forget. The song is built with an ear for detail that is both masterful and delicate. If you’re looking to explore a new universe of sound, then check out “Ze-Orb” today! Let the rhythm and melody transport you to a happier place, and let go of all your worries for a little while.

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