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Aurelia – Sinister Things | Heavy Charisma

Aurelia is a project by a New York-born producer, vocalist, and visual artist Gabriella Bavaro who is an electronic magician. They are known for their brave statements that are put forth through their deep musicality and intricate lyricism. Gabriella started producing and songwriting in 2019 which sparked her fire for this project. This is an artist which will take you to a whole different plane of reality where the thin lining of reality and delusion blurs. Her deep musical skills hypnotize the listener’s mind making them fall in love with her music. They are surely an artist who can take you to the highest of the highs just through their magical vocals.

I recently came across Aurelia’s latest track which is named ‘Sinister Things’ which blew my mind away. They are a complete magician when it comes to caressing the audience’s heart through music that is beautifully intertwined with some crystal-clear vocals. The music is so profound that it will surely leave you begging for more. This is one of those tracks that gets stuck to your head and keeps playing on repeat. The quality of the track is so superior that it is hard to believe that they are not yet on the top 10 charts of billboard.

This is surely a track that you should give a go and it will be worth all the effort. Just to save your efforts, here’s a little glimpse of ‘Sinister Things’ by Aurelia-

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