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Good Color – Good Color | Elegance

Good Color is a unique dream pop group from Utah and they started out in 2021. The band is made up of best friends Spencer Felix (Guitars, Vocals), Nicole Steinicke (Synthesizers, Vocals), Miles Folsom (Guitar), and Alek Nelson (Drums, Synthesizers) who all contribute their own special talents to the group. Since they prioritize teamwork, Good Color has been able to self-release their debut, self-titled EP in April of this year to critical acclaim. Each member of Good Color brings their own special contributions to the group, whether it’s original thoughts, inventive ideas, or simply lending their musical talents.

Good color band has released their debut album “Good Color,” which is made up of 6 amazing tracks. The opening track is “Passage.” This song is so catchy and fun! The opening synths are really ethereal and curiosity-piquing, and then the melody is just exuberantly retro and joyful. The drumming is fantastic – it steals the show without being too overwhelming. And the vocals are just so good. This is definitely a song that will make your feet start tapping instinctively.

The second track on the song is “Goldilocks.” Goldilocks is a more amiable and sincere tune that begins with angelic-sounding synths before the vocals are added. It brings back all of the happy moments you have cherished throughout your life. The guitar riffs are just stunning. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It brings back all of the happy moments you have cherished throughout your life.

“Everymindaworld” is a stand-out track from the first two tracks on the album. It has a little bit of a somber undertone, but the simple, repetitive soundscape with its excellent chorus and atmospheric vocals is perfect. The introduction of the drum beats at the end intensifies the mood somehow, making it an excellent track overall.

The fourth song is “Lascaux.” From the first few notes of the song, I was hooked. The rusty guitar playing and powerful yet passionate vocals instantly drew me in, and I found myself completely captivated by the 7+ minute track.  The musical layer progresses slowly, but each new element that is added – female voices, synth and beats – enhances the beauty and calming effects of the song. The chorus and vocal variations are so expressive and moving it’s impossible not to be affected by the lulling vibe of the song. Halfway through, the rhythm picks up and the drum beats get more intense, but even then the focus remains on the gorgeous melodies. After that, there is only the magical musical arrangement. The melody draws you in and transports you to a tranquil environment.

What a beautiful piece of work “Hellebore” is. As the sun sets and the colors of the sky change, I cannot help but be inspired by the hope this song brings. The acoustic guitar work is so beautiful and the vocals are so passionate, it’s impossible not to feel inspired. I couldn’t help but smile the entire time I was swaying along.

The final track is “Athemtide.” The sounds used in “Athemtide” is like a portal into another world. It’s a world where you can let go of all your worries and stress and just be at peace. I believe they have added instrumentation that is usually used in sound healing. The sound is soothing and calming, and it can help you to find joy and optimism. It’s a beautiful song to listen to when you need a break from the world’s chaos. What better way to end an album, right?

If you’re looking for some new music to relax to, I highly recommend checking out the debut album from the band. It’s full of beautifully composed, peaceful tracks that are perfect for unwinding. I can’t wait to listen to more of their work in the future!

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