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Freddy Hall - That’s What You Do | Soulful
Freddy Hall - That’s What You Do | Soulful

Freddy Hall – That’s What You Do | Soulful

Freddy Hall is a singer and songwriter who is known and loved for his indie/pop tracks that come with a hint of unconventionality. Each of his ballads has an earthy feel to them because of the prominent existence of the element of emotion in them. 

Freddy Hall recently released a song called That’s What You Do which is a beautifully crafted song about love and everything it means to be human. It has a catchy rhythm that lures you into listening to it on loop. What feels like a crisp and moving track, can also be called a laidback and soothing number that would look great on your “Blues” playlist. Many listeners would fall for the song’s subtle scores that are used brilliantly only to add a bit more wholesomeness. 

You would want to play this song on a long car drive, on nights you cannot  seem to sleep or   on a long walk alone.  It has the perfect feels . The symphonic tunes make you feel somber yet  make you feel delighted at points. It is a song you shouldn’t miss if you are anyone with a love for   .

That’s What You Do features some heartwarming and tender lyrics that will make you grow soft as you listen to the whole track. The lyrics feel vulnerable and good music and vulnerability make for a great combination.

With great lyrics, soulful tunes, and amazing vocals , the song makes for a great listen. 

Listen to the song right here: 

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