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Kaisa Rya – Rough | Seductive

Hamburg-based musician and singer Aylin Ejder goes by the moniker Kaisa Rya and is best-known for her energetic songs like “Lips” and “Ego”. She started releasing music in early 2022 and recently came out with her fourth single – “Rough“. Kaisa Rya blurs the lines between genres with her eclectic compositions that showcase soul, jazz, pop and r&b all at the same time! With it’s upbeat rhythms and catchy melodies, “Rough” is one of those tracks that would kill it on any dancefloor.

The track begins with a driving guitar riff and Kaisa Rya’s confident vocal delivery – “It doesn’t matter if you touch me gently / or you touch me roughly / just touch me“. She has a seductive and aggressive tone right from the start; a very Lady Gaga-inspired sound if you ask me! The tight electronic drum kit carries the groove of the track excellently along with the guitars. It’s great how such a big track doesn’t sound overproduced at all. The minimal production on this one shows just how intricately selecting your elements goes a really long way. Kaisa Rya singing center stage adds the punch to “Rough” and she brilliantly conveys the songs title throughout.

The track is only 2:21 minutes long, which makes you kind of wish it was longer. With it’s engaging beat and infectious chorus, it’s hard not to vibe with this one! Kaisa Rya’s alluring performance on this track, and the many others she’s released this year, shows us that she’s a fantastic songwriter and a born show-woman. “Rough” is another extravagant release that’s added to her growing discography, and we can’t wait to hear more!

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