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Electric High-Cyclone
Electric High-Cyclone
Electric High-Cyclone

Electric High-Cyclone | Eye of all storms

Electric High have been bringing joy to beer soaked, denim clad, indie music lovers for a while now. I have been a fan of theirs since I heard and reviewed their EP, Reach of Your Love. I’ve also had the pleasure of swinging my ill-coordinated hips to some of their other singles and reviewing them. This is Cyclone, their latest single, and we know what peril my hips lie in now.

If there is a band that can bring back the joy and carefree nature of 80s rock bands with seamless attitude, it’s Electric High. Call it Def Leppard’s monstrous energy and chorus, Scorpions with their hitting lyrics and riffs or just the swing of the times, these guys have it down, pat. There is not a moment to waste, they kick into 4th gear almost instantly. Like a Mustang going to town on a beautifully tarred road, these guys put in some catchy chorus elements that will turn any stadium upside down. No audience member is safe from their rhythms.

Now, Electric High have built up a reputation that is ironclad, they bring the walls down wherever they perform. Their tracks have a good time tattoo on the bicep every time, and energy loss isn’t a problem when pure rock is passed around in petroleum pistons like this. Cyclone is another one that Electric High can mark high on their set list.

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