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Trap Pap and SPL Haiti – Counter That | Gang Shiz

Trap Pap is a Baltimore rapper who is known for his inspirational and motivational music that is known to be an eye opener for his listeners. Born with the name Anthony Ross Jr., his brother who is also a rapper named SPL Haiti, Started the “Split-Life” Crew. Him witnessing crime from a young age and loss of several close ones is what brought him closer to rapping and making a career out of it. He had already started releasing music before he was incarcerated but became even closer to his musical flame when he was released on House arrest in February 2022.

I recently came across one of his tracks that was recently released and even had the chance to have a little chat with Trap Pap. The track is named ‘Counter That’ and is his 8th single. He is a complete magician when it comes to deep lyricism and exquisite musicality. This is one of those tracks which will make you fall in love with this artist by filling you up with intense energy. The track projects some amazing lyrical bumps that will surely blow your mind which is skillfully embedded into some wavy flows that will make your heart skip several beats. Both these artists have created a vibe that can make you jump of your feet and groove to the track. This track is surely going up on my personal hip-hop playlist.

This is how our little chat with Trap Pap went-

Q1. What inspires you to keep going and make the bangers as you do? How do you cope with the loss of motivation?

Answer- “I want to make a better life for me and my children. They keep me going. If i ever lose any motivation I just think about them and they keep me going. Everyday I wake up and make moves to get me closer to where I want to be at.”

Q2. The track ‘Counter That’ is one of those tracks which paint vivid pictures, what was the story behind this track?

Answer- “I was struggling when I first got released from prison. My friends invited me to back to back trips one to La and one to Miami, as the song says. They both of them also have connections in the music industry and helped me pursue my rap career.”

Q3. How did you get introduced to music? Did you instantly know that you are going to become the voice of the masses and influence several people through your music?

Answer- “I have always loved music but rapping became more of a passion when I was incarcerated. It helped me get through each day. I feel like I’ve always had a big influence on people so once I started rapping there was no surprise to how many people connected to me and my music. I hope to inspire and influence many more people as my journey continues.”

Q4. What do you think is the best part of this track?

Answer- “The best part of this track is one of the bars in the hook which is “I just want the money, I ain’t worried about a Grammy”. What I meant by this is I don’t care about fame or an award I just want to be wealthy and if my passion for music helps me get there, then I would be doing something I love while accomplishing one of my goals.”

Q5. What do think is your biggest power and how does that influence your music?

Answer- “My biggest power is my voice, if I didn’t have my voice I wouldn’t have anything. My voice comes from pain and struggling. I’ve overcome many obstacles in my life and I am able to voice these things in my music and things I’ve been through a lot of people can relate to it.”

Listen to ‘Counter That’ here-

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