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Buzzkill Joy – Money Money Monkey |Electronic pop
Buzzkill Joy – Money Money Monkey |Electronic pop

Buzzkill Joy – Money Money Monkey |Electronic pop 

Buzzkill Joy is an amazing artist from the northern U.K. Now based in London, he launched his musical career with a debut single named “birthday cake” in 2022. Buzzkill Joy is a pretty unique name and is a unique artist as well. Referred to as one man band, Buzzkill can sing, play drums, and writes creative lyrics for all of his songs. He defined his music as genre-fluid Lil punk with elements of alternative pop and electronic music. 

Getting inspired by some of the greatest pop/rock artists like Greenday, Machinegun Kelly, Imagine Dragons, Billie Eilish, and many more, Buzzkill Joy has made some amazing music. He is back with another masterpiece called “Money Money Monkey”. 

Talking about the ingredients of the song in detail. The song has a hilarious beginning which is something totally unexpected. With a heavily distorted voice and a huge amount of delay, a woman saying “Please sir can I have some more?” and Buzz laughing like a devil, it surely will surprise the listener. Right after this fun banter, a soft and mechanized drum beat kicks in followed by heavily distorted vocals with an airy feel. The song has a very soft melody and has a lot of different sound effects that make it sound hip-hop and modern. The song lifts up in the chorus with pads and guitar entering and a catchy hook. In some parts, the song sounds like Buzzkill is rapping because of the insane rhymes of words and the fast pace of the song.

“Money Money Monkey” is a very unique and interesting song. At a such young age, Buzzkill Joy is a genius and has found his own sound. It is highly recommended to listen to the song. 

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