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The Mars McClanes – The Liar
The Mars McClanes – The Liar

The Mars McClanes – The Liar | Gritty catchy Indie

Alternative indie rock band The Mars McClanes have come up with another fiery single titled The Liar. The Dallas, Texas rockers who are in based in Portland, Oregon, have a rooted American rock sound in their latest. With a string of dazzling releases, the band has been on fire, figuratively of course. This includes the twangy road tripper Wherever You Go, the cheery Day Is Done, and the refreshing Broke Kid. Adding to their never ending home run by The Mars McClanes, is their latest, The Liar.

The Liar begins with a Western vibe. Crunchy guitars and a galloping drum beat populate the intro and verse. However soon, we get a change in mood with clean guitars and sweet harmonies. There is a rustic and organic retro rock feel to the arrangement and sound of the drums and guitars. The vocals are energetic and gritty expounding strong power. We also get two quirky and kewl guitar solos, a clean one and then a more juicier one in the end. The song ends with some guitar drums hits and with the lyrics: “I’m a billionaire”. A banger of a track by The Mars McClanes!

The band has mastered the art of created catchy songs with tight hooks and impeccable production. Songwriter and frontman Brian Corey came up with the song. The song revolves around a character with outrageous lies and a tangential brush with fame in mind. If you’re into bands like Elvis Costello, The Black Keys, Spoon, and Wilco, The Mars McClanes will be up your alley. Do not miss this dazzling indie rock song The Liar by The Mars McClanes.

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