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9 o'clock Nasty-By All Means Necessary
9 o'clock Nasty-By All Means Necessary
9 o'clock Nasty-By All Means Necessary

9 o’clock Nasty-By All Means Necessary | Test is time

Ladies and gentlemen, it might be time to pack up your mediocrity music megapack. Relentless like an Adam Levine DM slide, 9 o’clock Nasty are back with their album release. By All Means Necessary is their second full length album after Catchy Nasty, and I’ll be honest, I’m bent. Read on to realize major foreshadowing techniques and how it is barely legal to have such a diverse and entertaining album.

Now I have had the added advantage of being a long time listener and follower of this band. When you see them enter a recording studio, expect tape to be wasted. As a non-sequitur, their opener is Just Start, the trio just noodling around, creating turbulence. They bring the thunder in with King Thing, a Bonham style echoing drum spine with some funky flourishes. The rhythm comes in layers, so you can shake your waist without haste while this track is playing. Released on their triple release Politic, King Thing has some surprising, wholesome chords that might tickle your fancy.

Do Me Too could be a promotion for The Pixies’ sound, till 9 o’clock Nasty bring in that reaper chilli slice. Remember to stay tuned to their lyrics for an acute rewiring of your brain. With what you usually experience, you’re at an advantage. The groove is strong, and the chorus is something you’re going to have to sing, or your Premium subscription is cancelled. Just kidding, they aren’t the Joe Rogan podcast.

Titular tribulations

Playboy Driver was released as a single in March, earlier this year. It follows the exploits (in those times, adventures) of ace driver on and off track, James Hunt. Like the swagger that oozed out of him, the riff and lyrics try to follow suit, creating a real slow motion walk moment. It is a legacy that didn’t have to be told, which is why telling it this what makes it that much better. 9 o’clock Nasty continue their eldritch streak with As The Ship Goes Down. It has a disco groove, with a simple riff and even simpler lyrics. What is great is that Nasty know not to juice a song till oblivion. Easy does it, and that’s that.

Food On The Floor was one of my favourite singles that they released as a single. The verse section and intro are a joyful spoonful of sugar, on the floor. Classify them as the next Oasis now, before they do other polarizing shit other than making music. Now, if a song is a 2 parter, it better be good. Get Into Them keeps the rhyme within reason.

It has a simple chorus section, and most of the work is on the instrumental sword edge. The experimental beat composition is what is really captivating, as the rhythm dances like a snake that has been charmed. Now, you would assume the part 2 to continue the odyssey. Sure, if a wormhole opened from the sea to space. The theme and groove change, keeping the message the same.

Indoor Boyfriend is a tangy number, theme and style wise. It has the quintessential indie pop rock sound, yet 9 o’clock Nasty know that the magic was at their fingertips. Really, this album is like a saga about a wizard that is really captivating. Only, when you get to know the author, they aren’t transphobic (hot take?).

Seek the groove, ask it questions

Preach Me Down breaks down a darker sound in terms of tempo and riffs, ironclad. It packs a sandbag of a punch, i.e, you wouldn’t expect the impact to bruise. The laced message makes this track seem political, like 9 o’clock were the Sex Pistols. With a lot more sex appeal.(?)

I’m Bent (demo) is next. Re: first paragraph foreshadow with their own thematic foreshadow. Too meta? What Have You Done For Me Lately has the rock swing they require to get the whole pub shaking. It might be quite a number on the Richter, but there’s no compromise, replacing loudness with rhythm. The solo is a fresh sound, and you’d want to loop this like Walkman headphones in the early 90s.

Do away with the dull

Darker Star is a fresh track for me, and it is their most streamed track. The one I’ve never reviewed. Regardless, you can see why people are addicted to this one. The groove is deeply embedded, and makes the sound a fresh approach-tonality and tempo wise. Tying this to current events, this album is an all rise gold vault. It is a constant build, an upward graph on the x and y-axis. So, the opposite of the British economy (sorry boys, but Liz is having a terrible go at it).

I’m Bent finally arrives, with my favourite riff on display. The verse section is a tip of the hat to a lot of classic rock swings, like The Stones. As a single release also, this really tickled my fancy. It is more than a song, it’s a good song. Team Player closes out the album, another popular stream for the Leicester Loonies. Same direction puller is an underrated aspect of the lyrics, just pointing it out.

All jibes and jollies aside, it is nothing but rewarding to see these rabid raccoons do well making music. They love doing what they do, and we love listening to them time and again, surprising us. This is a new wave that is for the weird, so hop on to the crazy cabin cruise whenever you want. I promise I’ll have a perfect closing sentence for this review. I can’t get it at the moment, but I’ll definitely have it, by all means necessary.

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