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Megafon – Not At All Worried

MEGAFON is a Scandinavian duo that is known for it’s magical musical abilities that will make your heart skip a beat. Mixing sounds of electronica and pop, this duo has found it’s own sound that is ready to move the masses. After being lovers for almost a decade, the duo was formed in 2008 when both their passion for music aligned. Their Album ‘TriskaidekaMani’ was nominated at The Danish Music Awards 2014, for the best World Composer and for best World Album. Since this duo embarked on their musical journey, they have attained several milestones and released several tracks that have touched hundreds of hearts.

I discovered this ecstatic duo through their latest release which is a single named ‘Not At All Worried’, which is a track that will make you fall deeply in love with their music and their amazing musicality. The way this duo weaves music into a fabric that caresses the heart to elevate your mind, body, and soul. This track will surely take you on a trip that blurs the silver lining of reality. The hypnotic vocals are are so beautifully intertwined with such deep music that will engulf your heart and make you feel weightless. As the name suggests, this track will free you from all your worries and sorrows. This is surely going to be up on my ‘Fix Your Mood’ playlist for a long long time. The way these supreme artists have portrayed their elite musicality and deep lyricism is heart-melting.

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