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Jonny Ong – Don’t Wake Me From This Dream
Jonny Ong – Don’t Wake Me From This Dream

Jonny Ong – Don’t Wake Me From This Dream | Rock n Roll Fire

Don’t Wake Me From This Dream is the latest song by Singapore rock musician Jonny Ong. Jonny Ong has his roots in classic rock of the 60s and 70s, with his influences in The Beatles, The Rolling Stone, and Cream. With this song, he takes a break from the hand-pan to and get back to his rock and roll roots. The song has been mastered at the iconic Abbey Road studios.

The song reminds one of The Beatles, John Lennon, and modern indie bands like The Stokes and Arctic Monkeys with a retro touch. We hear a guitar rhythm at every quarter beat giving a steady rhythm that holds your attention. The drums by drummer George Willetts maintain the rhythmic power of the song. Towards the latter half, we see the addition of handclap rhythms and pianos by Andy Wallace being more conspicuous. Jonny Ong has tight songwriting with an impeccable performance at his helm here.

The arrangement is quite dense with a wide array of instruments composed of strings and horns. This includes the trumpet, tenor saxophone, trombone, violins, viola, cello, and of course the eternal tambourine. The production by Scott Knapper, who has worked with the likes of Deftones, is top-notch, giving us a tight execution of this stunning song. Overall a very catchy rock song with solid arrangement and production, and tones which will get you excited and head banging.

Armed with his trusty and shining Wine Red Les Paul, Jonny Ong has a smoking hot rock song with Don’t Wake Me From This Dream.

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