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Dammy-Waste No Time
Dammy-Waste No Time
Dammy-Waste No Time

Dammy-Waste No Time | Sorcerer Suave

Dammy plays by new, unwritten rules. The mantra is simple, beats and melodies that inspire, create a moment of respite in your fast-paced life. That isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, this artist’s tracks have an air of confident simplicity about them. This is more apparent than ever in his new single, Waste No Time.

With a tangy little guitar sound, Dammy lets the deep groove that this song has be imbibed by the listener. It is this art of knowing each part’s place that a songwriter is usually an expert in. Though this takes years of practice, this seems to be an extension of his composition. The riff continues over his bars, over a hip-hop verse and chorus combination that seems to have a sticky creative flow to it. Lyrically, it grabs the moment by the waist and dances a waltz with time. The chorus is the real hook, working while equilibrating the fun riff.

Dammy broke the levy with his single called Standard. Since then, he’s warmed up to flavours that are uniquely his and bring an R&B soul to it while infusing contemporary hip-hop elements. Don’t see these as a strain of time, you’re going to search for a while. The cross-section of his art is through whatever has inspired him, so expect the unexpected time after time. Listen to this track, waste no time:

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