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Ranski Gleechie – BandCamp 2 (Jmak Beatz)

Ranski Gleechie is a Toronto-based artist who brings on innovation with each of his tracks making him one of the most versatile artists I’ve heard in a while. He was freed in March 2021 after serving a 5 Year Federal Sentence. I have been falling in love with this artist’s music lately. The way is brings something new to the table every single time is what makes me one of his biggest fan. You will surely fall in love with the way he creates such profound vibes just through his magical musicality and deep lyricism. I came across this artist a couple of weeks ago and since then this is my third review on his tracks.

When I came across Ranski’s track ‘BandCamp 2’ I instantly caught the vibe and knew this is surely one of those tracks that deserves all the appreciation in the world. The track has some vast melodies that will move your soul which is ecstatically spun into a masterpiece with deep lyrics and touching musicality. The chorus is catchy and sticks to your mind like a nightmare and haunts you at odd times. This track has some deep meanings tied to the track which will leave you spellbound once you go through his discography. The track displays some amazing drum rolls that will make you groove through out the track. The rhymes are fresh out of the oven and clearly stands out of the crowd that has been doing the same stuff for like forever.

Do give this track a listen if you like to listen to melodic hip-hop that projects some innovative lyricism. Listen to ‘BandCamp 2’ Ranski Gleechie and Jmak Beatz-

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