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Mike Snodgrass - Always Be Mine | Heartwarming
Mike Snodgrass - Always Be Mine | Heartwarming

Mike Snodgrass – Always Be Mine | Heartwarming

Mike Snodgrass is an ardent singer and songwriter based in Knoxville, TN. Snodgrass started out as a drummer and later developed an interest in playing guitar and harmonica. He soon polished his singing skills and is now the experienced and polished artist that he is. One could feel his musical flairs being palpable in every song that he creates and writes. The best thing about independent artists is the freedom with which they create their songs, and Mike Snodgrass is no exception because his songs have that liberating indie vibe. 

Mike Snodgrass recently released a song called Always Be Mine that has all the elements that a good song should. With an exquisite flow and a jovial vibe, it is sure to win your heart in just one listen. You would notice yourself falling for this song slowly but surely as the song progresses in a beautiful manner and relieves your mood for the better. The beats add a lively charm and upbeatness to the track, making it more cheerful and vibrant. It is a song that feels like a dedication to family or loved ones without whom we would not be as merry and bright as we are when we are with them. The song beautifully explores the bonds, delicate relations, and beauty of them all. Mike makes sure to elevate the goodness even more with his soulful vocals. 

With a charming pace, lively soundscapes, and a cheerful yet heartwarming vibe, Always Be Mine is sure to win your heart!

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