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Dioneesus – The Festival | The Party Track

Dioneesus is an innovative project by Dennis McGrath who blends in avant-pop and Hip-Hop making him one of the most unpredictable artists. McGrath brings about innovation with each of his tracks. There are no other artists who sound like him. He has found his own sound and has mastered it to make tracks that touch the heart. He has this unique ability to switch between genres to go according to the track making him one of the most distinctive artist from the crowd. His tracks have vivid feelings tied to them which are clearly visible through his deep lyricism and his heart-felt music.

I recently discovered this artist through his recent track which is named ‘The Festival’ which is a perfect depiction of how a festival feels like. He has his own distinctive way around lyrics which are always so vivid that it will paint a picture for you. He has a special ability to bind the listeners to the track making them go with the flow feeling weightless. The track projects some fresh flows that will surely blow your mind. The trach has some adlibs that make the track ecstatically hypnotic. The way this artist uses his crystal clear vocals to weave such an amazing vibe is remarkable.

This is a track that will fill you up with pulsating energy. Do give this track a listen if you love attending festivals and completely loosing it. This is one of the highly recommended tracks for any hip-hop lover. Listen to ‘The Festival’ by ‘Dioneesus’-

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