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DAAY – Flight
DAAY – Flight

DAAY – Flight | Blissful Maze

South London indie rock band DAAY has come up with a truly innovative number with their latest song titled Flight. Modern art rock band DAAY draws inspiration from jazz, psychedelic, and contemporary indie music. The band has had some great releases like the dark Golden Tree, the experimental alternative rock song Forever, and the spatial Dream Kit. With Flight, we see the band’s commitment to pushing themselves further providing some truly compelling music.

Flight begins with hummed vocal harmonies with the primary vocals by Alex Barty-King. The song of course is unique since it doesn’t use usual popular chord progressions and changes. We also get to hear some great saxophone lines something we saw on one of their previous songs Dream Kit. Midway through the song, we hear a really stunning bridge section. This has crazy chord changes, musical production, vocal harmonies, and effects creating something unheard of normally in an indie rock context.

Flight spins a magical fantasy tale that will keep you guessing about what is going to happen next. This is one musical ocean you need to take a jump in. Truly pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished in a rock setup, they have set a great standard for themselves and other acts to follow. The song has strong elements of soul, fusion, and funk in it. It reminds one of acts like Snarky Puppy. The progression which makes great use of synths and saxophones is outstanding. Flight is an amazing journey that you must take to experience something fresh and innovative in the indie music space.

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