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Naomi Cheyanne – Behind
Naomi Cheyanne – Behind

Naomi Cheyanne – Behind | Enchanting Trip 

Los Angeles, California pop and R&b musician and vocalist Naomi Cheyanne has released a refreshing new tune titled Behind. Naomi has been a songwriter since her young days. This is her second single this year after the groovy See You Later released in April. Since 2018, she has been releasing some great songs carving herself a fine string of songs.

The song Behind begins with some sweet clean guitar chords. Electronic beats then are added into the arrangement as the heavenly vocals by Naomi Cheyanne seep into the song. We also get to hear some tasty rhythm guitar comping which complements the vocals to perfection. The rever, delays, and space based production of the song is stunning. Coupled with subtle vocal harmonies, it manages to create a serene and pleasing atmosphere. The lyrics deal with trying to leave behind a toxic relationship. They bemonan the waste of time and energy. The song is masterfully produced by Daniel Robert. A truly stunning collaboration!

Naomi’s vocals spin a mood which creates a intoxicating serenity. Emotions expressed in the vocals give an aura of acceptance and confident assertive stability which is the theme of the song. The song is barely more than two minutes long. In that brief time, Naomi Cheyanne with Behind leaves a sonic imprint on the mind of the listener. The song has a relaxed vibe, a calming song to enjoy when you need to a calmer number. With Behind, Naomi Cheyanne has a pop/R&B number that is spinnable a countless number of times.

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