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KJ Hand - Lost Souls | Alluring
KJ Hand - Lost Souls | Alluring

KJ Hand – Lost Souls | Alluring

KJ Hand is an ardent singer and songwriter who has recently released his debut single. The song is called Lost Souls and feels like a warm cup of coffee handed to you when you needed it desperately! That perfectly describes the way Lost Souls makes you feel. 

Lost Souls is a fresh, acoustic, symphnous, and soulful number gorgeously crafted with sheer expertise. You could feel KJ Hand’s artistic flairs coming alive through this song. One can say it’s a debut that speaks for itself and establishes KJ Hand as an unconventional and talented artist, on the rise. The great thing about Lost Souls is the way it makes you feel, of course. But one must not forget to notice the little nuances, the brilliant strokes to perfection, that make Lost Souls what it is. With soft melodies, smooth pace, gorgeous vocals, and an out of the box tune, brings together a unique musical treat for the listeners to experience. 

Lost Souls features some heartwarming and tender lyrics that will make you grow soft as you listen to the whole track. The lyrics feel vulnerable and good music and vulnerability make for a great combination. This is the reason why the melodies in the song feel so heart touching, because the lyrics accentuate the emotion to some another level. KJ Hand’s vocals are soft, mellifluous, impeccable, and would make you feel good in all possible ways. 

Lost Souls offers some great soundscapes that are alluring and beautiful. If you want to add some quality to your day, this is a song you shouldn’t miss! 

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