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Casey Wells – Side of Me
Casey Wells – Side of Me

Casey Wells – Side of Me | Bewitchingly Fluid

Indie and alternative rock musician Casey Wells has an enchanting new single title Side of Me that would leave your breath away. Casey Wells hails from Charleston, South Carolina, where he composes, record, and produced his own music. His music and discography is spread across very diverse genres like progressive rock, electronica, alternative dance, and folk music. The song is part of a record Impermanence, that Casey is working on making.

Side of Me begins by creating a truly stunning aural canvass which creates a blue intoxiating dreamy sensation. There are nightly harmonies combined with effect drenched guitars. These are set to a beautiful enchanting chord progression. The drum rhythm beat plays the groove with a syncopated feel which supports the primary melodic phrases. The ruminating vocals by Casey Wells adorn this stunning arrangement emoting the vocals with vigour. The thematic scope of the song is about the struggle between living to one’s potential in our limited time on earth while dealing with emotions like fear, doubt, and despair.

The lyrics deal with that view of us that is only witnessed and opened up to us and them by a special person. The narrative states that as that person has left that side will not be seen anymore. The song is very brief running for about a minute and a half in length. It would be an understatement to say that a compelling mood is creating in such a brief time. How one would wish that the track be longer! With Side of Me, Case Wells creates an indie song with a fluid flow and a bewitching aura.

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