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headcage – shrink

UK-based hard rock band headcage recently release their third single – “shrink”, a riff-heavy banger of a track that’s both melodic and fierce. Featuring intense vocals, gritty guitars and hardcore tones, the four-piece band have been making waves in the Newcastle rock circuit since their debut release “Side By Side” earlier this year. Their latest release is energetic and lively, reminiscent of the sound of popular rock bands like Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace.

“shrink” is introduced with a catchy riff that sets the stage for the punchy drum rhythm and intense vocals that follow. As the title suggests, the song follows a conversation with a therapist. The band talks about mental health from their perspective and illustrate the feelings of frustration and anxiety one may experience while going through the process.

“And I just want to talk about it / Talk about me / So can we talk about it? / I’m at peace finding pieces of me / And I know, I know that I’ll find nothing / Help me find these pieces of me”

The heavy chorus section really stands out in this track; definitely a headbanger! headcage captures the feeling of ‘frustrated aggression’ excellently throughout this performance. They convey the feeling of someone going through the therapy process through intricately written lyrics and infectious melodies. Additionally, the effective transitions and heavy bridge section give “shrink” a lot more character; a top-notch production!

Headcage are quite popular in the local Newcastle rock scene and have also performed on BBC Radio 1. With a growing fan following all around UK and worldwide, I think it’s only a matter of time before the four-piece band are headlining festivals!

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