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Just M & Daffi – Big Bagz | Driller Drip

Just M is an African Australian artist who made his debut with Daffi who also made his debut with the track ‘Big Bagz’. This is by far one of the best debut tracks I’ve heard. The hip-hop culture has taken the listener’s by storm and exponentially gained popularity over the past few decades. Adding up to this culture, a sub-genre ‘drill’ is spreading among the masses like wildfire. Drill rap originated from the south side of Chicago around 2011. King Louie is considered to be one of the first drill rappers ever, and the founder of Drill rap. Just M and Daffi have made their debut with a drill track that will surely leave you spellbound.

I personally wasn’t such a big fan of the drill music until I discovered this track called ‘Big Bagz’. Later I found out that this was a debut track by Just M and Daffi. Both these artists have made a pretty strong debut which is one of the most innovative tracks I’ve heard in a while. This track will surely leave you speechless with it’s chopper flows and intense rhymes. The track is a perfect example of how intense lyricism and a banger delivery can make a track so punchy. There were times when had multiple chills running down my spine. This is a highly recommended track for anyone who loves hip-hop and craves innovation. The track is bound to fill you up with immense energy that is really hard to contain. The track is so addictive that the hook sticks to the mind like a chewing gum.

Do give this track a listen if you love exploring how hip-hop is evolving. Listen to ‘Big Bagz’-

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