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Dream of a Man in a Top Hat | Opposite Poles | Alternative Rock | Peculiar Rock
Dream of a Man in a Top Hat | Opposite Poles | Alternative Rock | Peculiar Rock

Dream of a Man in a Top Hat – Opposite Poles | Peculiar Rock

A peculiar style of music always tends to make an impact. Peculiarity is a way to stand out, and when you stand out, you are remembered. After all a musician is somebody who makes noise into music! Dream of a Man in a Top Hat have just released this peculiar and extremely psychedelic new single. The vocals are all over the place, with a steady guitar and drum riff in the center of the mix. It’s a very unorthodox mixing style. Vocals are usually the crux of the track and are usually in the center of the mix, with other instruments revolving around it. Not this single! Here the vocals have some really cool effects, makes it sound like the voices are fading in and out, all around you! Imagine you’ve had a bit too much to drink and you’re conscious but you can’t really understand what’s really going on. People are talking to you; you can hear their voices but you can’t make sense of anything or even respond!

Lee Lefler and Michael Frackleton are the duo behind the Dream of a Man in a Top Hat. Their peculiar music style can be described as psychedelic, experimental, cool, grooving or even swaggering, with wild and infectious tunes! What I really admire about them is the blatant disregard for the boundaries of genres or the opinions of their listeners. They make music how they want it and its up to you whether you want to listen or not. They are definitely not going to change for the sake of anyone’s opinion! REAL ROCK AND ROLL!!!!

Opposite Poles has some really cool guitar leads, with some really cool time-based effects that just make the guitar sound really smooth and psychedelic. The vocals are just amazing and the effects used are impeccable. There are two sets of vocals, one a lot clearer than the other. As if they are both opposite poles! Probably just something I have assumed but it makes sense to name this track Opposite Poles! A peculiar concept that almost flew past my head, until i saw the cover image. Dream of a Man in a Top Hat just take you with them on a peculiar journey through transversible wormholes in your own head.

“Our differences are the same, nobody is to blame”

The lyrics are a little hard to follow, except the lines that they actually want to hear. These are the lines that pop out of the mix while there is a supporting vocal that just flanges out all around you!

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