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Andrew Akins – I-25 | Country feels
Andrew Akins – I-25 | Country feels

Andrew Akins – I-25 | Country feels 

Andrew Akins is an ardent singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Amarillo, Texas. He was born and raised in Nashville in a musical family and since childhood, Andrew had such a great passion for music. He learned piano and guitar for a brief moment and began learning songs by listening. Soon he started writing songs and Andrew made a five-song demo in high school called “The Quite Wild”. Akins is in the music scene for almost a decade and has successfully gained a massive local following and has played alongside some big artists like Ryan Culwell, Natalie Schlabs, and Charles Johnson. 

Andrew Akins has released several singles, eps, and a full-length album. He is back with yet another amazing single called “I-25” which is a part of his next full-length album called “Parables”.

Let’s talk about the song in detail. The song starts with an amazing soft rhythm on an acoustic guitar and an organ. Soon the rising drum kicks off the song into a full-fledged country song with the rhythm guitar and leads on electric guitar. The song has pure country feels making the listeners tap their boots on the ground. Soon the sweet vocals of Akins come in with an amazing-sounding melody. His vocal has a mesmerizing tone that suits the song perfectly and blends really well. With some beautiful harmonies backing Andrew, the chorus begins and singing about a drive on I-25. Akins is such a visioner when it comes to storytelling, talking about things from a highway to hard drink and “dying in her arms, tonight”, it’s just a big movie when listening to his songs. A very vintage-sounding guitar solo kicks ahead of the last chorus giving the song the last touch-up before the end. 

Mr. Andrew Akins the creator of “I-25” is a genius storyteller and musician, the work he has done on this song is simple yet elegant and meaningful. It is highly recommended to listen to the song. 

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