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Strangely Alright – Not The End |

Strangely Alright is a Tacoma, WA-based band known for their eclectic compositions that combine psychedelic rock and pop with some nostalgia. Today, we take a look at their second release of the year, “Not The End” – a pumped-up guitar-centric rock track that will take you back a few decades. Featuring gritty vocals, heavy drums and catchy riffs, Strangely Alright deliver a solid performance here. They are known best for their singles “Psych Film” and “Inside a Place” that has garnered over 100k streams on Spotify. With a cult following from all over the earth, their 20th single “Not The End” is a treat for all you rock music lovers!

“Not The End” is introduced with a catchy guitar riff over a smooth synth that sets the tone of the track. The raw-ness of the instruments right from the start showcases a unique sound that doesn’t really match with the sound of anything we hear online today. It’s an extravagant old-school rock song that sets Strangely Alright’s sound apart from the crowd.

 “Everybody is always keeping score / We don’t have to wait for something more / This is not the end”.

With easy-to-grasp lyrics and addictive rhythms, “Not The End” is one of those songs that’s intense and uplifting at the same time. As the track progresses, the breakdown sections is bound to get your head banging! A smooth guitar lead, solid bassline and top-notch production all wraps up into a treat for the ears. Strangely Alright brings back the sound of 80s rock in a very tasteful way, and I can’t wait for their next release!

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