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ICEBERG - Blood Bank | Refreshing, Soulful
ICEBERG - Blood Bank | Refreshing, Soulful

ICEBERG – Blood Bank | Refreshing, Soulful

ICEBERG is a musical project of a New York-based artist who has been a master of putting out unconventional yet soul-touching music. The indie rock ballads often feel like a great complement to her aura as an independent and brave musician who doesn’t shy away from experimenting with her music. 

ICEBERG is known and loved for the softness that she brings forth in every song that constitutes a great part of their essence and core.

This time, ICEBERG is back with a phenomenal release of her song called Blood Bank, which feels like a soft cry coming somewhere from the darkness of a dense forest. Or a rebellious portrayal of everything that lay dormant and is now thriving in its full form. There are many ways to define this song, but these lines do the most justice. 

Musically speaking, the impact of every note, every melody, and every beat is something one cannot explain. You would be in awe of how well the music invades your surroundings and refreshes every nook and cranny with its gorgeous aura. 

One can simply say that Blood Bank is an impactful track that leaves you pleased and satisfied as a music listener who keeps venturing on the search for worthwhile music and music that makes you feel alive. It won’t be wrong to say that this song does that. 

A beautiful indie rock vibe, gorgeous lyrics, wonderful soundscapes, and smooth vocals make Blood Bank a real treat to listen to!

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