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The Brouhaha-The Brouhaha
The Brouhaha-The Brouhaha
The Brouhaha-The Brouhaha

The Brouhaha-The Brouhaha | Taste the rainbow

Honestly, nobody is against new music coming out, except when an actor forays into it. In this world of streaming, often gold flows away with the umpteen amount of content coming out. The Brouhaha released their self-titled album in 2020, and it is something that I missed. I regret it, but now let’s get into why it is such a great album.

Get out the way is what I was foreshadowing with that opening paragraph. With an infectiously catchy groove layered with some of the best rhythm in indie pop rock, this is a wasabi lick worth the kick. With something so deceptively simple, they craft a unique headstone for themselves, because this album is going to be the bee’s knees.

That Kinda Guy makes sure we don’t give up on the funkiness. The groove is registered instantly-while the lyrics season this citric measure of a salad on an unhealthy trail mix of your favourite fried treats. The solo brings in some of the unexpected rise and fall of a Jack White solo, the tang and grime perceptible. Rain Down tries to open a portal to a world where the drinking song got interesting. There is more involvement from the rhythm, guitars and drums wise in this track-owing to the salsa style breaks they indulge in.

The Brouhaha have just got started here. Do It My Way employs a catchy riff to be the poster child for a very sexy hook-something that takes turns while we’re pelting at 80 miles/hr. Only Friends opens with an exotic acappella moment, with the funky guitar riff taking centre stage, along with the bassline. All tracks make sure they have a signature name tag-by the character they exude.

Hate My Job could have been the exit theme song for any “badass office exit” scene. The beat is fast and relentless, with punk style riffs bringing about the energy and sourness required for the track. It keeps the blood sugar up, all in time for the next track that gives quite the palette change. Play It Again opens with mysterious guitar tones-with that beat gripping you for the fantastic scene they’ve set forward for you. If they claim to be searching for their sound, it is very clearly this mélange of pop and rock influences, creating a very colourful sober acid trip. Confusing sentence, but aptly captured I think.

Fear No Evil is the garage rock punch that is the adrenaline pump you’ve always loved. Short and edged like a samurai sword-the riff does the work it should, while the lyrics keep your head bopping. Kill Time looks for a blues sound that is unique to The Brouhaha. With a juxtaposition of sound and lyrics-the sound makes what it can from the understanding of the theme and groove. Rum Bold opens with a riff that can be the staple for any pop track till the end of the song-but The Brouhaha know what this opportunity means. The bass and Rasta style execution adds all the spice this track requires.

15 Minutes will make that amount of time in your life seem null and void. With the bass and crunchy guitar bringing the heat, the vocals make claims that the guitars seems to second. The sound is unique and flavourful. Is Andy Warhol or whoever claimed to create that theory grooving in their grave? You better believe it. What Are You Sayin’? is the next one, building with a patience, knowing that we will witness something special. It is a pub wrecker-with the spaced out beat and silence really creating the diamond edges in this song.

Should they close with another chaotic smash fest? Or an acoustic number that shows us how versatile they are? Both. They do so with Brouhaha, their last song in this phantasmagorical album. It is emotional, psychedelic in execution and sound as well as to the point in creating what it wanted to do. If you asked The Brouhaha to take a moment and make it seem like their dream-they did so with this album. And boy, does it sound good.

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