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Enoka – Do It All 4 Me | Fearless

Do It All 4 Me, a deadly smashing song by Swedish musician Enoka, was just released and is wonderful. Her wealth of experience is clearly evident in the song. I thought the song was incredibly bold, unrestricted in its songwriting, and further accentuated in the performance. Her voice has a very enticing tone that would completely draw us into the song’s mood. As we become more connected with the music, the writing progressively becomes an essential component of the song. For the listeners, the vibe and overall energy are what would make the first impression. Listeners would be completely energised by the song’s powerful emotions, which would firmly bring our impulses to the fore.

The production’s elements are kept upbeat the entire time. The use of the 808s is incredibly intriguing and has a strong presence. Another essential component that greatly enhances the ambiance with its understated approach are the keys. The atmosphere is really breathtaking. Overall, the song’s flow is pretty damn good, especially when it seamlessly transitions to the bridge. I never felt out of place at any time. Everything blended together very well. Once the song starts playing, I have no doubt that the listeners will fully get into it. Enoka’s vocals are extremely impactful and have the ability to keep the listeners riveted to the song until the very end.

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