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Macarena – Paradise | River Of Dreams

Macarena is an Amsterdam-based independent artist who blends neo soul, chill R&B and alternative pop with a touch of Latin folk beautifully intertwined with thoughtful lyrics. She found out her love for writing through the poems she wrote as a teenager. She discovered her passion for music when she started to listen jazz with her dad. She spined both her passions into an amazing piece of art which has taken a shape of her vivid discography. The ways she expresses such complex feels through her music is pretty amazing.

“Macarena will take you on a magical trip through her intricate melodies and deep lyricism”

I recently came across Macarena’s recent release which is named ‘Paradise’. After releasing 16 singles and an EP since 2017, she recently dropped her latest track ‘Paradise’ which as the name suggests will surely elevate your mind body and soul to the paradise. The exquisite musical elements will make you groove to each single beat. The track is a perfect example of how great a song can sound at unusual time signatures. The way she has executed this track blending in such complex melodies with her elite lyricism is breath-taking. This is the track that puts me in a groove every single time. The vocals are crystal clear and her vice modulation makes her stand out of the crowd. Her music will take you to an another dimension making you feel weightless. The drums particularly caught my attention which is oddly innovative and surely brings something new to the plate. Her works always have something new to offer and this is what makes her one of my favorite discoveries.

The track ‘Paradise’ by Macarena is ecstatically hypnotic. Listen to this track only if you are ready to get hooked on something way more addictive that cocaine. Listen to ‘Paradise’-

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