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Steve Yanek – Long Overdue | Classic
Steve Yanek – Long Overdue | Classic

Steve Yanek – Long Overdue | Classic

Steve Yanek is an ardent singer, songwriter, and musician, who is been writing songs for years. He started his career with his debut album called “Across the Landscape” in 2005 and wanted to be an established songwriter but some personal situations led him to choose a different path. Although the album was major in the U.S, the album had a belated release in 2020 in Europe. Steve after his business ventures started his own record label called “Primitive Records” and helped in managing the label and assisting careers of some ensembles. 

Steve Yanek also formed a band and started touring again and with them, he celebrated his comeback with yet another full-length album called “Long Overdue”. The album has 10 songs and a run time of about 40 minutes. Each song has a different vibe but the same vintage folk/rock feel. So, let’s talk about the songs in detail. 

The song “All the Sorrow” is a heartfelt apology by Steve to his wife. The song starts with an upbeat drum beat, guitar riff, bass, acoustic guitar, and piano. With changing chords and heavy guitar patterns, the intro has a very folky touch to it. Soon the sweet vocals of Steve kick in with a beautifully constructed melody that follows the chord pattern. The song directly falls into the chorus section which has some beautiful lyrics and the same pattern of “verse-chorus” follows throughout the song. The bridge subtly kicks in with a change in melody and an amazing guitar solo follow-through. It is an amazing song with a lot of emotions and a personal story. 

Another masterpiece from the album is called “Throw Me Down a Line” it shares a deep philosophical point and a relatable message. The song starts with a classical Jimi Hendrix style riff on a guitar with a soft pad, acoustic guitar, and a lift drum beat in the background. The electric guitar plays little snippets of lead with makes the song sound richer. Soon the vocals come in with guitar panned on the right side and a mellow pad which is barely noticeable. The song lifts up in the chorus part with all the instruments. The harmonized vocals, the groovy drum beat, and the hook “Throw Me Down a Line” makes the song more enjoyable. The song carries on with its full glory and after the second chorus, a guitar solo kick in that really sets the trend of guitar solos in Steve’s songs. The song ends with a blast and leads on guitar making it an exceptional song. 

“Long Overdue” is an amazing album that showcases a lot of different songs and the story behind them. Steve Yanek is a pure genius and has a strong comeback.

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