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Wyn Starks - Who I Am
Wyn Starks - Who I Am

Wyn Starks – Who I Am | Motown Magic

Minnesota-born artist Wyn Starks has just released his newest retro-pop, soul single, Who I Am. Having been exposed to the Motown greats and gospel music from a young age, the artist uses his childhood influences to personalize his sound and make them his own. His brand of old-school R&B and Motown magic delves into the affairs of the soul with timeless musical perspectives and glamorous vocals.

Soft piano melodies flow like a freshwater river. A consistent flow, patient and emotive. The falsetto vocals bleed all over the song; devastating and heartbreaking. Scaling mountains, dredging in the dark snow to get to a summit at the break of dawn, the vocals illustrate a journey of reflection and growth. Powered by self-love and acceptance, the lyrics is gut-wrenchingly honest and raw.

Reminiscent of John Legend and Sam Smith, the vocals are the masterpiece of the track. The autobiographical piece is inspired by the artist’s experiences and encounters. Tracing the outlines of empathy and kindness, the vocals flourish with the purest and most pristine love. We also see soulful violins celebrating the soaring and undying liberation of the self.

With the majestic grace of a white horse and the roaring sea, the artist sings

I gotta be me;

gotta be who I know I am inside.

Can finally breathe, taking it in, look at me flying!

And just like that, the track clarifies your mind, frees you from a web of self-doubt and self-inflicted insecurities, and awakens you to the beauty of yourself.

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music and Jio Saavn!

Listen to Who I Am by Wyn Starks here –

Wyn Starks – Who I Am

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