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Maddy Storm – Forced Extrovert
Maddy Storm – Forced Extrovert

Maddy Storm – Forced Extrovert | Finely Crafted Brew

With Forced Extrovert, indie singer-songwriter and producer Maddy Storm has created a mammoth work of alternative pop. Forced Extrovert is the debut mini LP of UK artist Maddy Storm. Within less than fourteen minutes, Storm packs a formidable punch from which the listener will not recover. Maddy has also been featured for BBC Introducing’s “Record of the Week” along with Spotify’s Fresh Finds.

The album begins with the title track, which is quite witty. This is a reversed brief intro track less than a minute and a half in length, setting the innovative and interesting pop template for the record. Quite a fascinating listening experience. Then as the reverb fades we proceed into the next song. Mattress begins with low synth bass lines and stunning vocals and harmonies by Maddy Storm, with top notch production. The serene intro proceeds to a sick beat with dazzling production elements. The arrangement and production will keep you engaged for every bar of the song.

The song Spit Me Out begins with a simple snare beat which then adds the pulsating kick beat. The vocal delivery and lyrics create a sense of sensuous awe and mesmerizing sonic canvass which you would be hooked to. The chorus on this one stays in your mind and conveys a sense of the sweet, nostalgic, spicy, and happy. Backhanded is the next track, which begins with a hip-hop rhythm electronic beat. Storm’s vocals traverse the maze that is the stupendous music and songwriting in this song. A hook is imbibed in the production elements which complement the percussive quality of the vocal melodic flow along with the primary musical motif.

Last Resort begins with a xylophone like melodic licks at the commencement as the vocals create the pace. The chorus and the licks blend with the beat like sweet melted butter. Composition is well rounded with the harmonies in balance with the rhythmic aspects. The record concludes with the song Natural Disaster. A highlight of the record. With morphed vocals in the beginning and acoustic guitars used to great effect in the arrangement. Vocals drop like fine honey as the beat swims through creating a marvelous vibe. Piano lines add a great organic feel along with the vocal harmonies and produced vocal effects which create an otherworldly aura in the song. The song fades into sounds of waves into a grainy fade out. A sweet conclusion to a fascinating record.

In the record, Maddy Storm manages to create and mixture of the emotional showing feelings like strength and vulnerability. The joyous and the seductive blends with avant pop mastery of the highest degree. Her brand of alternative and electronic. An almost galactic array of vastly immense musical virtuosity is displayed on this record. With a pinch of the industrial and the classic good sense of groove, melody, and harmony, we get a towering record you cannot put down. Forced Extrovert is a very finely sculpted and marvelously produced alternative electropop album. Do not miss listening to this!

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