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Zach Sanders – Fine Wine
Zach Sanders – Fine Wine

Zach Sanders – Fine Wine | Sweet Intoxicant

Jazz and contemporary R&B pop artist Zach Sanders has a stunning new single titled Fine Wine which will make you dance. Hailing from Columbia, South Carolina, Zach has been releasing some stunning smooth jazz and pop numbers including the dazzling First Move released last year and Pretty Girl released in 2020. Sanders has been playing the saxophone from age fourteen wowing audiences with his craft.

The song begins with filtered retro synths and high note vocal harmonies which are hummable and infectious. Then the mood sets in as the filter wears off. We get some smoky sensuous vocals performed with flair by Zach Sanders. This is combined with a groovy bass line and a steady beat. Funky guitar stabs and the tasty saxophone phrases make this the perfect retro pop number. Much like its title this song is Fine Wine of the highest quality. The saxophone solo by Zach Sanders blows you away with the beautiful tone and blazing phrasing. The lyrics deal with a simple romantic theme about growing with the one you love despite all the hardships over the years.

The production, arrangement, and instrumentation reminds one of Off The Wall era Michael Jackson. Elevating the stakes with magnificent expression and exquisite riffing, the hook and melody doesn’t miss a beat. We get a mesmerizing new smooth jazz song with Fine Wine, which you will keep spinning. Zach Sanders manages to stun us with his apt vocals and impeccable expression on the sax. Fine Wine by Zach Sanders is a tight pop song with melody and groove at the centre.

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