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Matyascorvinus – Her Shadow In The Flame |Beauty of Fingerstyle
Matyascorvinus – Her Shadow In The Flame |Beauty of Fingerstyle

Matyascorvinus – Her Shadow In The Flame | Beauty of Fingerstyle 

Matyascorvinus is an exceptional guitar player, composer, and songwriter. He studied classical guitar almost two decades ago but now he seems to have lost connection with the theory and all the notes part, though he remembers the fingerstyle. About six years ago, a Ukulele got his interest in the music scene back. Soon he picked up the guitar and started writing songs based purely by heart and a little bit of knowledge from his earlier days. 

Matyascorvinus writes instrumental-based songs on guitar that expresses a lot of emotions and feelings with some reflections of gothic culture and death metal. He has released several singles and recorded his debut ep, released only for family and friends. He is back with yet another instrumental masterpiece called “Her Shadow In The Flame”. 

Talking about the song in detail. The song starts with some goofy and eerie sounding pads having a very atmospheric vibe. The pads sound so deep and suddenly a classical guitar kicks in with a very soft and mellow touch and impeccable dynamics. The song continues to build with the beautiful melody that sticks in your mind. With little pauses in very few sections, give the song a unique touch of Matyascorvinus. The bridge section hits differently, with some very unlikely chords put together that make a melody so good, it just feels unreal and otherworldly. The song transitions after the bridge and changes its course with the pads kicking in again in the outro, giving the song a mesmerizing end. 

Matyascorvinus is a heavily underrated genius. To be able to make songs like “Her Shadow In The Flame” is not an easy task. He has put in the work needed and the result is phenomenal. It’s highly recommended to listen to this masterpiece. 

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