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LLC - Limousine
LLC - Limousine

LLC – Limousine | A Punk Nostalgia

Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist and producer, LLC (Lorenzo La Cava) uncovers the alternative punk pop perspectives of nostalgia with his brand new single, Limousine. The single marks a fork in the road as the artist goes from being a one-man acoustic persona to a full-on band powerhouse.

A blue keys melody opens the song to be soon followed by punk-rock guitar riffs and catchy beats. The song is generously textured and tuned into an infectious rhythm pattern. Loaded with passion and molten emotions, the vocals blow up and grow the song’s musical canvass until your mind is dripping wet with it.

The artist employs rippling keyboard licks to break up the rough texture of the powering punk rock. We also see beautiful layers of vocal harmonies that flourish in the most unexpected way. The nostalgia in the vocals are compounded and expanded by the tragedy of the punk elements.

Reminiscent of Jimmy Eat World and Yellowcard, La Cava clothes the track with captivating punk-rock details that promise an emotive release. The molten guitar solo at the bridge perfectly rounds the emotional track. This wonderful, feel-good emo composition will be one of the best things that will happen to you.

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Listen to Limousine by LLC here –

LLC – Limousine

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