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Katie Pederson - Limitless | Symphonic 
Katie Pederson - Limitless | Symphonic 

Katie Pederson – Limitless | Symphonic 

Katie Pederson is a young and ardent singer and songwriter known for her stellar songwriting and unconventional music. This Nashville-based artist has been awarded an international songwriting award that not only is proof of her remarkability as an artist but also glorifies her talent and makes it known to the listeners who haven’t discovered her yet. 

Katie Pederson creates music that could be relevant to all age groups and people from any and all sorts of backgrounds. The level of emotional depth in her numbers is something that stands out and makes the listeners fall in love with her music. 

Her recent release is an album called Limitless, which is a unique release in itself, considering that it was created on various geographical terrains. Covering parts of Canada and reaching home all the way to the U.S, Limitless took a fine journey to become what it is. The experience and wisdom like that of a traveler is persistent in this piece of art and you will be able to tell that once you delve into the songs.

Limitless is an album that explores boundaries and what it is like to be boundless. Every song has something special to tell and signify. You would be in awe of how the album matures as you go on from the album opener all the way to the last one. It is quite fascinating how every song feels just as refreshing and charming. 

The softly flowing music feels just as stunning as water pouring from a waterfall. The simple yet energy-packed soundscapes drive you closer to the world of bliss that Limitless creates. 

Guard Down, being the album opener, is a perfect song to give you an idea of what to expect from the rest of the album.  You would be hooked from the very beginning. 

Moreover, the songs feel like a ballad that would perfectly complement the spirits of a wanderer. Someone who needs a little nod of assurance, and perhaps some upliftment should definitely listen to this album to embrace and own everything that they are. 

With amazing lyrics, stellar vocals, and beautiful symphonies, Limitless makes for a must-listen!

Now, let’s hear what the artist has to say about the album:

1. What inspired you to create Limitless? Was it more like an insuppressible flow of art coming somewhere from you, or a thought-out and planned execution?

A little of both. I wrote most of the songs for the album during quarantine after I took a long road trip out to Canada (at the end of 2019). I had just moved to Nashville before the pandemic, and when 2020 hit, it was the first time I had felt I had time to sit down and just write in a long while. It felt like music was just flowing out of me at that time. I wrote close to 40 songs for this record and then chose the 10 that felt the most important to me. It wasn’t until I started practicing for recording that the order of songs came into view in a cohesive way; I wanted it to be a storyline, as I hadn’t really written a record that way before. I took my time releasing this project out into the world because of that, and so that part of the project felt much more planned. It was the first time I had done a waterfall release, with 4 songs released one by one from November until the full album release in April. It made me feel like I was able to give the record the focus that I felt it deserved after having written so much to bring it to life. 

2. What’s the number 1 thing that keeps you going during hard times? Is your musica reflection of those times?

It sounds so cliche, but music is the number one thing! It’s always been my primary outlet for when I just need to process things that are happening or try to make sense of challenging times. I also really enjoy walks outdoors; nature can be such a reset. This record was sort of a combination of those two outlets – writing to process while also reflecting on the road trip to Banff National Park in Canada that inspired the record. There are a lot of nature themes in most of the songs, and so I felt like Limitless was really a reflection of both the importance of music and traveling/nature in my life.

3. Limitless has a wide spectrum but every song fits in perfectly. What was your creative process like while crafting this album?

Thank you! I really appreciate that. I honestly started a lot of these songs in the car. I drive a lot, and often times melodies will pop into my head when I’m doing very random everyday things. If I have time to stop what I’m doing and sit down to the piano, then I do. But for this record a lot of those ideas were sort of stock piled here and there in my voice memos, and so when I had the time in 2020 to go through them all, that’s when I was able to finish writing them out. 

4. What’s your own favourite song from the album and why?

Oh it’s so hard to pick one! haha It’s hard to say favorite, but the production for each of them was so unique that I feel like I can touch on that a bit more. M-22 was very different production wise for me and ended up being my favorite track to finish out from that point of view. Using an electric keyboard sound while also using whispering for the background vocals was really fun to just match the energy and vibe of the lyrics & vocal lines. Lake Lousie was also that way for me; my friend Noah Martis is a guitar wizard and just really helped to capture the loneliness described in that song with the slide. I absolutely screamed when we were recording that guitar part haha. It was awesome.

5. Define your music in a few words.

I’d say I write songs about holding onto hope in the tough times. Leaning on the people who care for you the most while also not being afraid of facing the hard emotions head on. I hope that’s what people get out of listening to my music anyway! 🙂 

Listen to the whole album right here:

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