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Evi Bosman - All That Remains | Fresh, Soulful
Evi Bosman - All That Remains | Fresh, Soulful

Evi Bosman – All That Remains | Fresh, Soulful

Evi Bosman is a Rotterdam-based singer and songwriter who is known and loved for her soothing and brilliant voice and everything she brings to the table with her musical ingenuity. She is a stellar singer and adds so much value to every song she contributes her vocals to. With iconic musical depth, serenity like no other, and the bravery to be unconventional, Evi Bosman is emerging as a new musical sensation whose music you must listen to. 

Evi Bosman recently released an EP called All That Remains, which is a fine collection of some beautiful portrayals and larger-than-life music. That’s exactly the best way of putting it.

The music in All That Remains feels like a breath of fresh air, reaching you after so long. The stunning surge of emotions and recollections that you experience while listening to this album is something that will stand out from the whole listening experience. You will come back to it again and again because something about the song and some nook and cranny always feel unexplored and undiscovered. Even though in many instances, you feel that you have completely delved into the magical world that All That Remains creates, other times, you are just looking out for more. 

The songs of All That Remains follow a steady pace and unfold themselves in a slow and steady manner, as if painting a picture to the listeners. The songs mature in a beautiful manner and unfurl their magic with every tune, and every melody, making the listeners fall for this beauty. 

If you are anyone who is fond of slow, acoustic, refined music that comes with emotional depth and has a lot of artistic value to it, then you should definitely listen to this album because it has everything in it that will satisfy you as a music listener. 

With amazing translucent feel, sublime musicality, softly flowing pace, stellar and refined vocals, gorgeous and never heard before soundscapes, All That Remains is a true souluful experience that you shouldn’t miss out on if you are anyone who loves music. 

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