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Alyria & Bixxi – Running | Mystical Journey

Alyria is the alias of Álfrún Kolbrúnardóttir, an Iceland based vocalist who spins magic into each of her tracks. Alyria means the magic of love, a leader & the one who knows. Just like her name suggests, her tracks are a bliss of magical dust. The way she intertwines love into her tracks is breath-taking. She made her debut with a single named ‘Flame’ which is produced and co-performed by Bixxi, a young talent who is taking over the internet by storm. Five of Alyria’s tracks feature Bixxi. Bixxi is an Icelandic Artist & Producer who is known for his RnB & pop genres.

“Alyria and Bixxi together form one of the most exceptional duo which exhibits immense emotions through their music.”

I recently came across a track that unites both these gems to form the epic masterpiece called ‘Running’. The track outshines all the boundaries of lyricism, musicality and vocal engineering. The way this track seeps into the skin making the body weightless is venomously ecstatic. The way both these exceptional artists have carried the track is amazing. The track will surely put you in a state of trance. The drop is subtle yet powerful, this singlehandedly takes this track miles ahead of the contemporary music. The vocals are crystal clear and holds a deep essence. The ambient feel of the track is beautifully carried out throughout the track. This is one of those tracks which you put onto your ear-phones and forget about all your miseries and the world.

Listen to ‘Running’ by Alyria and Bixxi-

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