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Serena Kaos - Live Again
Serena Kaos - Live Again

Serena Kaos – Live Again

If you want to know what it feels like to be a summer breeze or a foaming white wave in the ocean, Live Again by Serena Kaos is the song for you. Kaos is a Portuguese singer-songwriter based in London. With a distinct inimitable sound, the artist stitches unimaginable melodies and embroiders them with magnificent vocals.

The song contains the all-knowing wisdom of gods, manifesting universal truths. Its melody blends are humbling and makes you aware of the majesty of nature and the galaxy. Listening to the song makes you feel like the specks of dusk basking in sunlight; featherlight and pregnant with power of the sun.

The self-assured vocals paint on the clouds as the molten guitar melodies pierce them like honey-gold sunrays. We see the occasional percussive licks that punctuate the abstractness of the song. The artist also brings in her signature piano melodies to add to the burgeoning soundscape. The electric guitar solo crowns the song with the weight of its texture and timber. The song reveals the undeniable light and potential of the world and of us.

Available on Spotify.

Listen to Live Again by Serena Kaos here –

Serena Kaos – Live Again

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