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Cormac Looby - Lobsters
Cormac Looby - Lobsters

Cormac Looby – Lobsters

Irish singer-songwriter, Cormac Looby is back with yet another one of his heart-felt pop-folk singles, Lobsters. Featuring his unique brand of soothing melody blends and comforting vocals, the song is wrapped in mysticism and folklore. Listing his influences as Mick Flannery, Phoebe Bridges, Bruce Springsteen, and Sam Fender, Looby’s songs show off diverse musical perspectives and profiles that thoroughly charms us.

Vintage guitar chords lined with disco beats open the song. The baritone vocals carry an upbeat melancholy exuding wispy blue feelings. Looby also employs the simplicity and vulnerability of acoustic guitars to deepen the song’s emotional scape.

Dancing keys emerge from the song like purple dragons and shimmy between the multitude of guitar textures before darting back in. The vocals carries fairy tale tragedies and layers of surrealism. The lyrics are as vague as a prophecy; saying nothing and everything at the same time.

In the bridge we see the slow release of synths, oozing with bright strokes of fuchsia. Flourishing and streaming all over the vocals, the synths evaporate away and take all the magic with it.

Available on Spotify and YouTube Music.

Listen to Lobsters by Cormac Looby here –

Cormac Looby – Lobsters

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